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Outdoor Floating Hanger (Vertical)

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This classic and popular floating hanger option is the most economical way to display your custom sized vertical Outdoor metal prints.

It is our standard frameless option that appears to float off the wall for an effective contemporary look.

There are two styles of floating hanger depending on the size of your print. For smaller prints there is a rigid, lightweight backing board with a keyhole hanger at the top for secure hanging. For larger prints we custom make our aluminium welded backing frame, which ensures that the print always stays flat and secure.

Both styles will give your print the appearance of floating 1/2" from the wall and the hangers will always be kept far enough from the edges so as not to be visible from the front.

It is expertly finished with smooth edges and rubber bumpers. Rounded corners also available.

Standard print sizes up to 40x60" available as well as custom sizes.

To learn more about other display options for your metal prints, please visit our Display Options page.