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Image Size and Quality Requirements

"How large can I print my file as a photo on metal?" is the most common question we are asked.

The following file specifications will help to ensure the best result for your printed image:

  • A general guide for optimum quality prints is to ensure your files are 300ppi at the size you wish to print.
  • 150ppi is the minimum file set up we like to receive.
  • Your files need to be either TIFF, PDF or JPEG. We recommend Adobe RGB 1998 or sRGB.
  • Keep in mind that there will always be a minimal loss of image around the edges so ensure text is kept at least 10-15mm from the sides.
  • Sizes ordered can vary by +/- 7mm. If you specify that you need an exact size, we will do all we can to hold a tight cutting tolerance. Because we use a metal shear to finish the edges, thin black lines that are less than 1/4″ on the edges are not recommended.
  • Occasionally you may need to work with the only file available and when printed that image may not be perfectly sharp. If viewed from a distance there is usually no issue but at a certain point it will be a personal opinion as to whether the file is good enough to be printed.

 If we have any concerns we will always contact you before printing.

The table below is a general guide to the pixel dimensions your file needs to be for printing at various sizes.