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How to Exhibit Artwork

Taking the next step to exhibit your artwork or photography can be both exciting and daunting at the same time. Print 2 Metal can help – we’ll take you through the process and show you how.

There is much to consider when you’re ready to put yourself out there, and have an unknown audience view your body of work.  

The aim for most artists and photographers is to see red stickers underneath their work indicating a sale. However it can be very expensive to exhibit, so careful planning and a sense of purpose should maximise the feeling of achievement when the exhibition closes. Preparing for an exhibition step by step will help to ensure a more rewarding experience.

And whilst you may choose to exhibit in a space most suited to your artwork or photography, don’t forget to keep in mind the additional opportunities available in the digital world to spread the word about your exhibition. Social media, art and photography websites, local papers and distributing emails are all extra means of extending your reach. For example, create an instagram account, and use relevant hashtags when you post your artwork (e.g. #artwork, #photography etc) to reach more people that may be interested in your work.

If you’re interested in saving time, money and stress when planning your artwork or photography exhibition, download our free eBook now.