Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hang a metal print outside?

Yes, we do not recommend your metal print be displayed outdoors in direct sunlight. Exposure to UV light will cause most things to fade over time, including your artwork.

How archival is the product?

The thick coating on the aluminium makes your metal print scratch stain and chemical resistant, as well as waterproof. Together with the quality dyes we use, the image is deeply suspended into the coating, making it last for generations.

As a result of independent testing, the suppliers of our Chromaluxe aluminium sheets claim that metal prints are the longest lasting photo medium in the current market. Like any photograph your metal print is best kept out of direct sunlight.

If I don't have my own files how can I find good images to print?

If you don’t have your own photo to print on metal, we have millions of inspiring images available through our Bigstock image library to suit your special space.

If there is work of a particular photographer, artist or designer you’d like us to print on metal, we are happy to work with them. We suggest you discuss your needs with them and then contact us to complete an order.

What is your policy on sharing on social media?

We have accounts with the popular social media platforms. We welcome you to review, like and share with us photos of your metal prints.

For clients looking for additional exposure, we can also photograph your work in progress and use those images on our social media. Of course, a link back to your site is offered in return.

I forgot to enter a Promo Code when placing my order. Can you help?

Contact us and we’ll apply the discount amount to your next order. Unfortunately we cannot refund any discounts if you’ve already paid for your order.

I placed a recent order. Can the latest promotion be applied to that order?

We run promotions regularly and there will always be those who ordered just prior to a particular promotion.

We have a number of promotions set up in advance and generally make a decision quickly as to which one we’ll run with next and for how long.

We never aim for anyone to miss a promotion but unfortunately we can’t backdate the promotion.

I'm not likely to complete my order during the promotion period. Can you extend the date?

Unfortunately we cannot extend promotions beyond the final day.

Can I take advantage of your promotion as well as an earlier discount offer?

No double dipping, as they say. You can choose which offer suits you best and enter that code.

What are the usual promo conditions?

  • Orders must be placed online using promo code
  • Can’t be used in conjunction with any other discount or special price offers
  • Postage is not included in offer
  • No rush jobs.

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