Metal Surfaces

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Metal Surfaces

There are 6 different Indoor Metal surfaces that offer the ultimate in image quality and vibrancy. Choose from a white or clear brushed aluminium base. A Sample Pack is available.


Outdoor Metal is available in 2 high grade surfaces with a white base only.


Using a heat press, the dye-sublimation process infuses ink into specially-treated metal, giving a high-definition, waterproof, scratch resistant finished print.


Easily cleaned with a glass cleaner, lightweight and long-lasting metal prints are becoming the preferred choice for commercial, fine art and home decor applications.


All Indoor Metal surfaces are the same price. Outdoor Metal with it's 5 year warranty is 25% extra.


White Base

The aluminium is first coated with a special white polymer base to give images a true to life look, similar to a photo. As we do not use white ink in our sublimation metal printing process it is this white coating that is on view as the white parts of your file. Similar to any standard home printer, no white inks are used and the process assumes white paper is being used so no ink is layed down where white areas are expected. The white coated metal is available in:


  • Ultra Gloss (indoor)

Our most popular surface, for when you want whites to appear white and for more natural colour and skin tone. Brilliant high gloss surface for highly saturated colour and clear detail.  A modern look suitable for all images. If in doubt we always recommend the Ultra Gloss which never disappoints.


  • Semi Gloss (indoor)

In between Ultra Gloss and Matt, this white base surface ensures the richness of the Ultra Gloss on a more matt surface and cuts down on reflection.

It is not quite mid way between those surfaces but somewhat closer to the Matt.


  • Matt (indoor)

This softer, more natural surface is ideal for when no reflection is wanted.


  • Textured (indoor)

The textured metal has a unique surface texture that adds depth and dimension to the printed image. The sligtly rough texture creates a visually interesting and tactile surface that can enhance the overall impact of your printed image.


  • Ext Gloss (outdoor)


  • Ext Matt (outdoor)


Brushed Aluminium Clear Base

With a clear coating on the aluminium and no white ink being used, you can clearly see the raw aluminium and the grain of the base come through in areas you would expect to see white and colours take on a metallic look.  If for example this surface is used for a black and white file, the metal print would look black and silver due to the base. The clear coated aluminium is available in:


  • Brushed Gloss

Gives your image an amazing high gloss finish with a metallic look. A unique feature of this finish is that depending on the way the light falls on this surface it can look slightly lighter or darker as you view it from different angles.  Certainly makes black and white look awesome as it will appear black and silver.


  • Brushed Matt

Like the brushed gloss, the brushed matt surface allows the silver aluminium base to appear in areas that would usually be white. Metal subjects such as escalators or cars look fantastic on this surface. The matte finish cuts down on reflection. 


Why Print on Metal?

Fade Resistant
Fade Resistant
Light Weight
print on metal easily cleaned
Easily Cleaned
Flame Resistant
Moisture Resistant
Multiple Surfaces
Scratch Resistant
Vibrant Colour

Metal prints are printed on aluminum sheets that have a special coating. Due to the liquid nature of this coating, when dry, air pockets can appear as slight imperfections either as very small bumps or dips on the surface. We inspect all sheets for these and will position the image on the metal so the imperfection is the least obvious as possible. We cannot remake prints due to these minor imperfections.