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Outdoor Circular Metal Prints

Please make yourself familiar with image size and quality requirements BEFORE adding your custom product to your cart.

Print 2 Metal offer custom cut shapes, so you can add a personal touch to your metal print and make it truly unique.

Our CNC router makes more intricate shapes possible from your file, together with the supply of an Illustrator file used for guiding the cutting path. 

Circle prints are the most popular shape we print on metal and can be ordered in both standard and custom sizes up to 46" or 1168mm diameter on your choice of surface. To order Circle metal prints upload your file below. Our easy to use cropping tools will assist to select the circular area you wish to print.

In addition to circular prints, we also offer straight edged polygonal shapes that are easy for our standard print runs and viewed and charged as per rectangular prices. To order browse the Indoor Metal Prints or Outdoor Metal Prints product options first and upload your file as a polygon from there, choosing the rectangular size into which it will fit. 

For your more creative, one-of-a-kind shaped metal prints we can provide custom quotes for your project.