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Metal Prints at UNSW

Metal Prints at UNSW on display


Dr. Mary O’Connell, of the University of New South Wales Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, has chosen metal prints to enhance the ambiance of corridors and public areas within her university faculty.

With a focus on uplifting faculty staff, captivating images of Sydney's ocean pools were selected for the staff common room to provide visual and spiritual rejuvenation. “Local photographer Mike Gal perfectly captured this essence, delivering images that deeply resonate with us all," says Mary.

The array of metal prints now adorning administrative and high-traffic areas narrate the inspiring endeavours of civil and environmental engineers and researchers. Staff were invited to contribute their own images aligning with the theme.

Each image is enriched by a graphic border, heightening its visual appeal and maintaining coherence across displays in designated areas. “We've thoroughly enjoyed the entire process and are delighted with the final result, receiving positive feedback from numerous viewers,” shares Mary.

Throughout the project, Mary opted for metal prints due to their archival quality and premium gloss finish. Utilizing floating hangers facilitated easy installation, thanks to the prints' lightweight design and absence of breakable glass.