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Martin Bigmore – Altona Nights

Martin Bigmore's Altona Nights on Metal


Meet Martin Bigmore, a passionate landscape photographer who traded the rolling hills of the UK for the breathtaking vistas of Australia. 

Now calling this sun kissed land home, Martin’s lens captures the essence of the Australian landscape, adorning walls from coast to coast and beyond, while earning accolades and awards.

Inspired by the luminaries of Australian landscape photography and fueled by a 40th birthday gift from his wife – an immersive landscape photography workshop – Martin embarked on a journey that would redefine his artistry.  Among the many masterpieces he’s created, there’s one photo that holds a special place in his heart.

In 2021, on a scorching New Year’s Day, amidst the buzz of beachgoers and the shimmering of a setting sun, Martin found himself at Altona Beach.  Determined to capture a moment of serenity among the bustling crowd, he set up his gear, hoping for a clear shot.  As the golden light painted the sky, serendipity intervened.  With the crowds dispersing, the water before the pier cleared, setting the stage for a purely unforgettable, magical shot.

With sons in tow, charged with boundless curiosity and youthful enthusiasm, they joined their father.  Entrusting his youngest son with the camera, Martin witnessed magic unfold as his son clicked the shutter, immortalising the scene.  Thus, “Altona Nights” was born – a testament to family, serenity, and the beauty of fleeting moments.

Martin’s artistic journey took an intriguing turn when he discovered the transformative power of printing his images on metal.  Intrigued by his wife’s endorsement and spurred on by the challenges of the 2020 lockdowns, he entrusted his work to Print 2 Metal.  The result was pure revelation.  The image of Altona Pier, with its profound personal significance and the poignant memory of its eventual demise to a storm, resonated deeply with locals, evoking a sense of nostalgia and community.

The seamless blend of Martin’s sentimental connection and Print 2 Metal’s impeccable craftmanship turned Altona Pier into a best seller, gracing homes and businesses alike with its timeless allure.

As Martin continues to chase the light and capture the essence of Australia’s landscapes, his partnership with Print 2 Metal ensures that each image tells a story, etched in metal for generations to come.

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