Exhibiting your metal printed art

How to Exhibit Artwork

Taking the next step to exhibit your artwork or photography can be both exciting and daunting at the same time. Print 2 Metal can help – we’ll take you through the process and show you how. There is much to consider when you’re ready to put yourself out there, and

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A beautiful photo of poppies, by Corina Ardeleanu available - free high resolution images from Unsplash

Where to Find Free High Resolution Images

Is your home or office décor in need of a lift? Or are you a designer, architect, art consultant wanting to bring colour and mood into an environment?  If you don’t have your own suitable images to print, there are plenty of sites offering free high resolution images suitable for

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10 year anniversary gift idea - wedding photo printed on aluminium

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

For many generations, the traditional 10 year wedding anniversary gift has been aluminium or tin. Made from copper and bronze, it won’t rust and is a symbol of the ability to last through time, as well as being flexible.  Wedding anniversary gifts can be difficult to choose – how many

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How to Take Landscape Photos - concept

How to Take Landscape Photos

In this article we provide our tips for taking landscape photos. There are many things to consider, however the main things to remember are to keep exploring, and keep experimenting! The extent to which someone will go to take a good landscape photo varies. Some will travel to the right

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How to take family photos - concept

7 Tips for taking the best family photos

Nothing beats keeping your camera with you at all times to be sure of capturing those special family moments. Of course these days even your humble smartphone you can take amazing images quickly. The kids may complain at the time, but it is in the years to come that those

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Print 2 Metal Samples

8 of the best reasons for printing on metal

Whilst today the choice of materials on which to print your photographs and artwork really comes down to personal preference, there are indeed some unique benefits of metal prints. The process of printing onto metal via a heat press, infuses the inks deep into the aluminium sheet, not on top

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8 of the Best Reasons for Printing onto Metal

The choice of materials on which to print your photographs and artwork today is simply amazing, and in the end really comes down to personal preference. If you’re thinking of doing something slightly different that will look even more stunning than traditional printed media then you really can’t go past

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