Chromaluxe Metal Prints - portraitChromaluxe Metal Prints - portrait
Chromaluxe Metal Prints - circularChromaluxe Metal Prints - circular
metal wall art concept Chromaluxe Metal Prints - hexagonalmetal wall art concept Chromaluxe Metal Prints - hexagonal
Chromaluxe Metal Prints - Dinosaur FootprintsChromaluxe Metal Prints - Dinosaur Footprints
Chromaluxe Metal prints Kate Geck circleChromaluxe Metal prints Kate Geck circle
Chromaluxe Metal prints Kate GeckChromaluxe Metal prints Kate Geck
Print 2 Metal metal prints on displayPrint 2 Metal metal prints on display
Chromaluxe Metal Prints in situChromaluxe Metal Prints in situ

Chromaluxe HD Metal Prints

Choosing Chromaluxe metal prints for printing guarantees the very best possible outcome for your files, and allows for extra creative options. 

You’ll get crisp, high definition (HD) results with vibrant depth of colour, and your print will last a lifetime!

Rectangular prints are the most popular and we print up to 40×60” (inches), or 1016x1524mm.

Curve prints, circles, hexagons and other shapes are also possible to have cut. Special requests from artists have included cutting shapes within a rectangle, ovals, layering and more. Artists have used our metal prints in combination with perspex and glass to create their own unique artwork. 


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