Hanging metal images


John Smith

I am very happy with my metal print! Fast shipping!

Dean Hohn.

Having your art printed by Print 2 Metal is the best way you can get your work noticed. I have a piece hanging on the wall of our studio and yesterday a lady came around the corner, came to a sudden halt, her mouth dropped open, and she exclaimed WOW! Images printed on metal with the ultra gloss finish get this type of reaction time and time again!

Michelle Webb, Lion Art Studio

This was the first time I had my art printed on metal….Totally thrilled with how it looks, truly compliments my art. I was also amazed by the great service, I needed my print in a hurry for an event & Print 2 Metal staff worked magic to have it done for me. Highly recommend them to anyone looking for a cool way to output photos or artwork.

Photography: Jean-Luc Syndikas, Archsign Marketing Manager

We recently fitted out our showroom with mounted prints of a range of our portfolio, printed on metal. Thank you Marie, Frank and all the team at “Print 2 Metal “for printing and mounting our work. The crisp high definition results you get with printing on Chromaluxe metal panels is very unique. We are thrilled with the result, already so many great compliments every time clients walk into the room. We highly recommend other firms to consider this company for showcasing their work.

Phillip Casan

Print number 7 now hanging. Cannot wait for the next opportunity to have my own photography decorating our house so beautifully.

Anne Younghusband

I can’t recommend Print2Metal highly enough. From the ordering and communications (they are extremely helpful and patient), to the protective packaging which is the best I have ever seen, together with lightning-fast delivery, the company is a dream to deal with. But, even if all the above were less than perfect, it would still be worth using Print2Metal because of the extraordinary quality of your print. This is, after all, the key goal, and you’ll be blown away by the superb printing quality – it is first class and I couldn’t be happier with the finished product, as well as the service. Thank you, Print2Metal, for such a pain-free and positive experience, and for enhancing my artwork with a “Wow” factor. As Arnie famously once said, “I’ll be back!”

Lucia Rossi

I was really happy with my prints. Thanks so much also for fitting me in on short notice and working on such a tight deadline. As these were tests, it has also given me the chance to see how the colour is working and how I will need to work the files in future. Great work. Thanks again

Suzanne Fewell

This is the second time that I have ordered a metal print from you of my grandson’s drawings which were a gift to my daughter and her husband. I have never taken delivery but the piece arrived well packed and promptly. If I had known that service was so fast even around Christmas time, I might have fiddled with the image a bit more. My daughter loves them as she has a very contemporary house and they suit it much better than framed works.

Harry D Calder

Today I received a Print 2 Metal print of my recent abstract photographic artwork titled “Brainscan”. The result is simply stunning. The colours standing out from the black background are so vibrant and electric, the effect looks as if the image is backlit with UV light. The ultra gloss finish is perfectly suited to my subject. Also, I appreciate your most helpful suggestion to mount the artwork on your Artbox frame, as it adds a distinctive edge and sophisticated presentation which definitely enhances the end product. Finally, as a disabled photographer, I appreciated your efforts in going to that next level of service, by delivering and hanging the print in the pride of place in my home. I can hardly believe that my creation looks so good. The end result is a stunningly beautiful work of art, presented and finished so professionally that it would look great in any contemporary gallery. An outstanding creation with the help of Print 2 Metal! Many thanks.

Nicola Lubbock

Awesome prints and customer service. Will continue to do business with print2metal. Prints are of high quality and service prompt. We’ll done.

Kelly Slater

This image was awarded a highly commended by the Judges of the Bay of Fires Art Prize in Tasmania last weekend, along with other things, they thought that printing on aluminium added an to the overall effect of the Images. Thank you!

Michael Whelan

All First Class ! This was my second purchase, you had previously exceeded my expectations in the original purchase, and maintained that high standard the second time round. Love your work ! Cheers, Mick

Zoey Atkins

I want to say a huge thank you for my Brad Chilby Photography image printed on metal…I absolutely love it, it looks amazing!! I also want to thank you for being so patient with me, i think i have it down pat now.  I have spread the love constantly and hoping a lot more people jump on board, such a great product!!!

Debra Boots

I received my Print2Metal pieces today and absolutely loved them. One was for a client and she picked it up 30 minutes after its arrival and was totally wrapped with it. The second one was a sample for my showroom as I am a photographer and want to push them onto my clients rather than canvas. My photography is a bit different so I like products that are a bit different and canvases are just a bit over done these days.

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Mother and baby - example of metal wall art - printing on metal using aluminium sheets