Today I received a Print 2 Metal print of my recent abstract photographic artwork titled “Brainscan”.
The result is simply stunning. The colours standing out from the black background are so vibrant and electric, the effect looks as if the image is backlit with UV light. The ultra gloss finish is perfectly suited to my subject.
Also, I appreciate your most helpful suggestion to mount the artwork on your Artbox frame, as it adds a distinctive edge and sophisticated presentation which definitely enhances the end product.
Finally, as a disabled photographer, I appreciated your efforts in going to that next level of service, by delivering and hanging the print in the pride of place in my home. I can hardly believe that my creation looks so good.
The end result is a stunningly beautiful work of art, presented and finished so professionally that it would look great in any contemporary gallery.

An outstanding creation with the help of Print 2 Metal! Many thanks.