Where can I print photos this year?

Your pictures on Metal is the very latest in printing images.

Happy New Year to all.

We’ve just completed our first full year and 2012 is now ticking away.

What’s new:

1.  Our new Gallery has a stock of photos and artwork you can now purchase. So many love our work but don’t have a suitable image of their own for printing.

2.  Bigger Prints! With new machinery we’ll soon be able to print on metal up to 1 x 2.5   meters. So if you’ve got photos to print, forget about printing to canvas, big photo printing on metal is so 2012!!

3.  Extended UV life. As the aluminium we print on is so suited to outdoors, we are currently testing a number of coatings that will extend the outdoor life of metal prints.

4.  Photo Competition. Our first photo contest was met with such a huge response that in 2012 we will be running another one (or more than one!).

We hope to become known for having one of the best photo competitions in Australia

Stay in touch and make sure you don’t miss out on our special offers though out the year.

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