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8 of the best reasons for printing on metal

Whilst today the choice of materials on which to print your photographs and artwork really comes down to personal preference, there are indeed some unique benefits of metal prints.

  1. The process of printing onto metal via a heat press, infuses the inks deep into the aluminium sheet, not on top of it and so will make your image on metal stand apart with it’s brilliant luminescence and vibrant depth of colour.
  2. Photos on metal have a hard scratch resistant surface that is both waterproof and weather proof. This makes them perfect to display in most places including commercial spaces, bathrooms and humid locations.
  3. Metal art prints are archival and you can expect them to last more than 100 years with little sign of fading. Tests on Chromaluxe metal panels have found metal photo prints to have an archival rating three times better than Kodak silver-halide prints.
  4. Fine art metal prints can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth and water or glass cleaner.
  5. Aluminium prints are lightweight so easily hung with removable hanging strips where nails and hooks can’t be used.
  6. Wall art metal prints have no need to be protected with glass. A frameless display style gives metal pictures a clean, modern look.
  7. Large metal photo prints can still have the timeless white matt and framed look. A framed metal print requires no glass and so allows the viewer to be more in touch with the image.
  8. Metal prints are available in matt and gloss surfaces. The added choice of a white coated base or the original aluminium base transforms files into custom metal art prints.

Print2Metal will make your image stand apart with it’s brilliant luminescence and vibrant depth of colour. By infusing inks directly into specially coated aluminium, your photos, artwork, graphics, signage and advertising will take on a unique, never before seen, crisp, clear, vivid finish.

The process is colour managed, available in ultra gloss, satin and brushed aluminium gloss or matt, with a hard scratch resistant surface that is both waterproof and weather proof, offering unparalleled archival quality.

These breathtaking metal prints are easily cleaned with a glass cleaner and microfibre cloth. Print2Metal also offer a number of unique hanging and framing methods to compliment your metal prints – contact us today to find out more.

Photographer Sarah Wood on Capturing Moments With Emotion and Intuition

REPOST: The Grace Tales

Photographer Sarah Wood spends a lot of her time behind a camera, capturing the special and emotive moments in people’s lives…

From photographing weddings to sporting events and everything in between, Sarah began her career as a nurse which gave her a unique perspective on the human experience that she is able to bring into her work as a successful, self-taught professional photographer. “Coupled with my naturally inquisitive and observant nature, photography organically evolved into the career that has given me a lot of joy as well as the freedom to run my own business and most importantly the flexibility to work around my family values that I experienced in my own life,” she says.

We caught up with Sarah to see how she juggles motherhood and work as well as finding out her take on the essential components that are required to take a beautiful photograph…

Can you talk us through your career path and what inspired you to become a photographer?

After school, I nursed at The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne which gave me a deeper insight into people’s lives at their most vulnerable – experiences that I was later able to incorporate into my photography. I then spent 12 years in Vaccine Sales & Product Management at Glaxo SmithKline.

I often felt I had a latent creative side to me waiting to be freed. Coupled with my naturally inquisitive and observant nature, photography organically evolved into the career that has given me a lot of joy as well as the freedom to run my own business and most importantly the flexibility to work around my family values that I experienced in my own life. I have such secure and warm memories of coming home after school each day and my mother being truly ‘present’ for us. She had the amazing capacity to listen deeply – no matter how ‘trivial’ or ‘longwinded’ some of my day to day stories may have been.

Photography has given me a perspective on life that is much deeper and broader than if I had not ventured into my passion and for this, I am very grateful.

What do you recall about those early days as a photographer?

I spent countless hours of learning through trial and error and scouring through endless photography books and magazines dissecting every image and camera setting. I also had invaluable mentoring by a professional photographer.   It was a great learning combination.  The burning desire to keep improving led me to take on almost every genre of photography that I could from sport to styling, from landscape to macro. It was a hard road with steep learning curves but the positive client feedback energised me.

Being self-taught it took me a long while to feel comfortable calling myself a professional photographer. Looking back I think I saddled myself with unnecessary self-doubt in those early days. As a result of my experience, I now enjoy mentoring a number of clients in their early professional photography days.

What makes a beautiful image? What are the key ingredients?

Genuine emotion is the key to a beautiful image so when one looks back, the feeling of that moment is accurately brought to life again. Combined with soft natural light and a clean composition, at the core, there is an unspoken trust between me and the subject. “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything” — Aaron Siskind.

What advice would you give to aspiring photographers out there?

Look after yourself! Get lots of sleep, especially the night before a shoot. Photography can be deceptively demanding – physically and mentally. Devoting yourself to the job, being 100% present to capture the unique and often unexpected moments as they occur. At the end of the day guard those precious memory cards with your life! Personally, I shoot to two cards in case one fails. I literally sleep with one set after returning home late at night from a wedding.

What time of day is your favourite time to shoot?

Late afternoon on a still day in Autumn is irresistible. The beautiful backlight and long shadows give a warm feel to images. Even though early morning traditionally provides great light, I tend to think it’s a little unfair on faces and sleepy eyes! Tired parents especially don’t seem to ‘iron out’ too early…or am I just speaking for myself?

Where is your favourite place in the world to shoot?

Definitely, a place that involves a beach with sparkling aqua water, preferably palm trees, and if I’m really lucky, some sea turtles. Not coincidentally those attributes perfectly sum up Harbour Island, The Bahamas – my favourite place in the world. I’m looking forward to sharing the island experience and its warm and friendly locals at my photography retreat in July next year (for more details head to my website).

How would you describe your role as a photographer?

“One doesn’t just make a photograph with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved” – Ansel Adams. I see my role to observe and watch the tiny nuances of life that unfold yet often go unnoticed. I am by nature very inquisitive which probably drove my parents crazy. The same object can be viewed in so many different ways and I very much try to see and feel  ‘out of the box’ in a way that can tell a deeper story behind the obvious. For me, I feel my role as a photographer is one of nurturing a feeling of authentic comfort with my clients. I believe in gut feel and intuition. This relaxed connection brings out their emotions naturally.

Do you have a favourite camera?

For professional use I use two Canon DSLRs with my favourite the 70-200mm IS lens. The zoom allows me to unobtrusively stand further away from the action without interfering with the natural flow of events. In my personal life day to day, I take photos on my iPhone8+. The portrait mode is amazing. But ultimately the “best camera” is the one that you captured an otherwise lost moment.

What, or who, do you love photographing the most?  

I love photographing day to day life, not curated or contrived. I particularly enjoy photographing ‘a day in the life’ of people, for example, the extraordinary and energetic India Hicks or the insightful illustrator Kate Knapp (Twigseeds). Weddings stand alone as a unique blend of love, celebration and human interaction – and, as I often get asked, no, I can honestly say I have never had a bridezilla.

How, in your opinion, has the photography landscape changed over the last decade?

There are more photos being taken than ever before but my concern is that this generation will have the least to show for it. Despite the quantity, digital images are rarely printed and can often be lost, or devices corrupted. Each year I endeavour to collate a snapshot of my family’s life – warts and all, in a printed book. Assistance with preserving and printing digital images is a common request during my one on one tuition so they can enjoy their own beautiful images in their home.

Sarah’s little list of loves:

  • Springtime and my annual apple blossom
  • My private tuition clients – helping them to enjoy their innate creativity in not only taking great photos but also getting those memories off the computer and into print. It’s especially such a delight recently to help a home come to life with a stunning photo wall full clients images printed on matte metal & box framed at Print 2 Metal
  • Designing my new website and choosing a selection of my favourite images which will be available to purchase in my print store
  • Planning a fabulous programme for my upcoming Luxury Photography Retreat in the Bahamas in  July next year
  • Learning to roll with the ups and downs of living with teenagers (young adults) – another stage of parenting that despite its challenges often does bring a lot of warmth and fulfilment
  • Laughs with old friends, even if some black humour is needed at times; I’m always up for a good laugh.
  • Speaking of laughs Russell Coight being back on television – priceless!
  • I’m lucky enough to be able to call our previous longterm babysitter one of my closest friends. She has just had her first baby, called Kiki, and I’m loving her to bits already.
  • Ultimately… ‘the little things, the little moments, they aren’t little’ (John Kabat-Zinn)           For the full article visit The Grace Tales

Best Metal Prints

8 of the Best Reasons for Printing onto Metal

Best Metal Prints

Photography: LandscapePhotographics

The choice of materials on which to print your photographs and artwork today is simply amazing, and in the end really comes down to personal preference. If you’re thinking of doing something slightly different that will look even more stunning than traditional printed media then you really can’t go past printing onto metal.

Why I hear you ask?

Here are 8 very good reasons why….

  • The process of printing onto metal via a heat press, infuses the inks deep into the aluminium sheet, not on top of it. As a result of this your image stands apart with it’s brilliant luminescence and vibrant depth of colour.
  • The metal has a hard scratch resistant surface that is both waterproof and weather proof. When you print your art or photography onto metal it makes it perfect to display in most places where you couldn’t use traditional materials, including commercial spaces, bathrooms and humid locations.
  • Metal art prints are archival and are expected to last more than 100 years under normal lighting conditions. So your memories never fade and your art lives on for generations. (Test reports by ChromaLuxe  & Wilhelm Imaging Research can be read here.)
  • No more worries about splashes and marks because fine art metal prints can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth and water, or even glass cleaner.
  • Wall art metal prints have no need to be protected with glass. The frameless display style also gives your pictures a clean, modern look.
  • Large metal photo prints can still have the timeless white matt and framed look though. Because the framed metal print requires no glass, it then allows the viewer to be more in touch with the image.
  • Metal prints are available in matt and gloss surfaces meaning you can use your print in many more settings.

We kept the best to last though…

  • Aluminium prints are so lightweight they can be easily hung with removable hanging strips where nails and hooks can’t be used.

So what are you waiting for? A perfect solution to displaying your art and photography in a timeless and contemporary fashion. You can check out how to order here.

Dean Hohn’s Artwork Making a Difference

At Print 2 Metal we have been inspired to get behind a very worthy cause and assist with printing images to help raise much needed funds for the  Care for Africa Foundation.

Most of us in this country take clean water for granted. Walking 6-8 hour per day to collect dirty, infected water from waterholes shared by wild animals is just unimaginable. The added risk that women and young girls could be molested and raped whilst collecting water for their family is chilling.

Dean Hohn learnt of this back in 2012, when the Care For Africa Foundation were asking for donations of art to be auctioned off at their annual charity ball. When Dean found out about the work they were doing in 6 villages in Tanzania with no international aid, he felt he had to help.

Print 2 Metal have had the pleasure of printing for Dean since he picked up the camera again 5 years ago and began to indulge his passion for photography. He is a self-taught photographer who combines his photographs to create fine art images.

His ongoing study of Photoshop Artistry has led Dean to exhibit in multiple galleries around Tasmania and be selected twice as a finalist in the Glover Art Prize. Dean draws from nature for his inspiration and loves using colour, shapes, layers and textures when creating his images.

“I now use my art to help raise funds for the Care For Africa Foundation to assist with drilling water wells in the 6 villages they support in the Tarime District of Tanzania” says Dean.

Dean also raises funds for the Care For Africa Foundation using his images as designs on beautiful tops, scarves, sheer wraps, tote bags and pillow covers via Vida Clothing.

“Photography and Photo Artistry has become my life and it is a fantastic journey that allows me to create on a daily basis! I hope to make a difference in the world by changing the lives of people with basically nothing”.

Australia’s largest and most prestigious awards for professional print photography

People viewing Print2metal prints at the Chromaluxe stand

The annual APPA event was held by the AIPP on the 25, 26 and 27 of August 2017. Print 2 Metal were there to display some products and be part of the event along with Chromaluxe, the suppliers of their metal.

The Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) is the country’s only photographic membership body. This event has been running annually for the past 40 years and is one of the largest in the world. It is the only professional photography awards in Australia that require physical prints to be submitted for judging.

Live judging takes place in front of the public and images are critiqued on the spot. A panel of experts anonymously assesses all category winners’ work side-by-side to determine the overall winner. Innovation, content, creativity, technical excellence and impact are the key criteria when the images are reassessed.

In 2017, more than 500 entrants submitted a collective of almost 2,000 images to be judged for APPA. An industry leading high-level of work is always part of the event, where photographic heavyweights weigh-in on the finalists images to determine who will take the crown for each category.

Judges viewing prints at Appa awards

Head On Photo Festival 5-28 May

Australia’s most prestigious photography event, the Head On Photo Festival was held in Sydney in May 2017, with artists from across the globe, displaying images across all genres. The Festival put together a fabulous program packed full of exciting exhibitions, workshops and talks presented by a mix of Australian and international talent.

As the major printing partner for the Festival, Print 2 Metal flew to Sydney not wanting to miss the official opening and the announcement of the winners of the Photo Awards.

The opening launch took place at UNSW Art & Design with well over a thousand photo enthusiasts in attendance and quite the party atmosphere.

Despite printing 450+ metal prints for the Festival it was only when in Sydney we really began to get a true sense of the enormity of the event.  Promotional flags line a number of major streets and exhibitions at the NSW Parliament House, the Museum of Sydney, the Sydney Town Hall and Paddington Town Hall, not to mention the number of smaller galleries, hotels, museums, libraries and local businesses that are involved, certainly adds to the prestige surrounding this international event.

Congratulations to all the amazing Head On Photo Awards winners and finalists and a big thank you to everyone who entered. We are most appreciative of the opportunity to print your amazing images. Finalists images cwere displayed at:

Museum of Sydney – Head On Portrait Prize, Mobile Prize and Student Prize Exhibitions

New South Wales Parliament House – Head On Landscape Prize Exhibition

An extra special thank you to our metal suppliers, Chromaluxe who recognised the importance of Head On and the wonderful opportunity to present metal prints at their very best.

Thank you also to our other suppliers Mimaki and Sihl for their support with the printing of the Festival images onto metal.

                   Dye Sublimation   

Metal Prints at Head On

We are excited to be a major printing partner at the Head On Photo Festival to be held at various venues and galleries around Sydney throughout May 2017.

With the support of our major supplier ChromaLuxe, we will be printing most of the images displayed onto metal. ChromaLuxe is the world’s leading brand of metal print media. The 470 sublimated metal prints will truly give each photographic image an added dimensionality.

Thank you to Mimaki and Sihl who are also on board with their support to ensure all the metal prints are of the highest exhibition quality.

Our Mimaki TS300P-1800 Sublimation printer & specialised Mimaki inks together with Sihl Sublicolor paper will guarantee the transfer of high resolution photos onto metal. Without the Mimaki printer we doubt we could complete the requirements of the Head On Festival in the time frame given.

Head On, now in its 10th year, is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the work of photographers at all stages of career, encouraging excellence and innovation, making photography accessible to all and raising awareness of important issues through photography.

The Head On Photo Festival, Awards and Workshops offer lots to enjoy.

   Dye Sublimation  

Biennale Of Australian Art

BOAA will be coming to Ballarat 21 September – 6 November in 2018 and promises to be the largest showcase of Australian Art ever.

The Visual Arts Festival plans to showcase over 150 of Australia’s most innovative contemporary artists from across Australia. Ballarat will come alive with large and intimate scaled projects in over 50 different indoor/outdoor locations.  Six ‘Art Villages’ will be activated across the city, providing exciting daytime and nighttime experiences.  BOAA will tell stories of our past, present and future.  It will reflect what is means to be Australian today, having a strong Aboriginal focus, as well as celebrate multiculturalism.

Developed by Julie Collins of  djprojects, work is already underway and now is the time to for Australian Artists to register to be included in BOAA 2018. This is going to be BIG !

Exhibition Metal Prints

We’ve noticed more photographers and artists are choosing to print on metal for their exhibitions.

Chromaluxe sublimated prints are appearing in museums and galleries across the globe, as a preferred medium to display fine art.

Recent exhibitions by Cindy Sherman, Collier Schorr and Dutch artist/photographer Tjalf Sparnaay have all featured metal prints.

We are proud to have printed for award winning young indigenous artist Josh Muir for some years now. Many may know Josh for his projected work on the walls of the National Gallery of Victoria at the 2016 White Night Melbourne event.

Josh is represented by the Mars Gallery in Melbourne. In an article in the Financial Review his gallerist Andy Dinan commented that Josh’s  unique digital prints on aluminium are highly sort after.

Increasingly we have new clients looking for their work to be printed with a new and contemporary edge. It’s exciting to see them print their creative work with a finish they had never really imagined.

Contact us to discuss how our unique range of products and professional printing experience will help you to sell your art.

Creative Photo Workshop WINNER!

Congratulations to Mollie Vaughan of Geelong on winning our Creative Photo Workshop giveaway worth $279.

Special thanks to Glynn Lavender of Creative Photo Workshops for making this fantastic prize available.

Mollie is looking forward to one of Glynn’s very popular “Natural Portraits” workshops to take her work to the…