Exhibiting your metal printed art

How to Exhibit Artwork

Taking the next step to exhibit your artwork or photography can be both exciting and daunting at the same time. Print 2 Metal can help – we’ll take you through the process and show you how.

There is much to consider when you’re ready to put yourself out there, and have an unknown audience view your body of work.  

The aim for most artists and photographers is to see red stickers underneath their work indicating a sale. However it can be very expensive to exhibit, so careful planning and a sense of purpose should maximise the feeling of achievement when the exhibition closes. Preparing for an exhibition step by step will help to ensure a more rewarding experience.

Art exhibition - How to Exhibit your Artwork concept

And whilst you may choose to exhibit in a space most suited to your artwork or photography, don’t forget to keep in mind the additional opportunities available in the digital world to spread the word about your exhibition. Social media, art and photography websites, local papers and distributing emails are all extra means of extending your reach. For example, create an instagram account, and use relevant hashtags when you post your artwork (e.g. #artwork, #photography etc) to reach more people that may be interested in your work.

If you’re interested in saving time, money and stress when planning your artwork or photography exhibition, download our free Ebook now.

A beautiful photo of poppies, by Corina Ardeleanu available - free high resolution images from Unsplash

Where to Find Free High Resolution Images

Is your home or office décor in need of a lift? Or are you a designer, architect, art consultant wanting to bring colour and mood into an environment? 

If you don’t have your own suitable images to print, there are plenty of sites offering free high resolution images suitable for printing for display in homes, corporate and office spaces, medical suites, restaurants, for special personalised gifts and more.  

Many websites offer a huge collection of free photos, illustrations, paintings and vector drawings to give your wall space the latest look in contemporary artwork.

Check out some of the following sites for royalty free images:

Where possible, always choose the biggest file size available to ensure high resolution and high quality images when printed. Note that some websites may charge for extra large files.  

A beautiful photo from a boat looking at mountains - by Luca Bravo available - free high resolution images from Unsplash

There are many more stock image sites that let you enjoy up to a 30 day free trial of all their digital illustrations, designs, artwork and photos. Among their royalty-free images that you can download, there are sure to be at least a few that meet your exact needs, space and style.

And don’t forget the work of so many talented Australian photographers who although not generally offering free high resolution photos, offer their beautiful creative images online that will bring to life any lonely blank white wall. The AIPP website is a great place to start if looking for Australian professional and aspiring image makers.

There are thousands of beautiful, inspiring free images available for you to print as art. Choosing high quality and high resolution stock images free from all copyright restrictions from the comfort of your home can be that easy.

Print 2 Metal can even print your chosen stock image onto aluminium, or any of our other fine art papers. Get in touch today.

10 year anniversary gift idea - wedding photo printed on aluminium

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

For many generations, the traditional 10 year wedding anniversary gift has been aluminium or tin. Made from copper and bronze, it won’t rust and is a symbol of the ability to last through time, as well as being flexible. 

Wedding anniversary gifts can be difficult to choose – how many special gifts can you find from aluminium or tin?  Well we have plenty of original ideas if you’re wondering what to give to that special person in your life! A 10 year wedding anniversary is quite a milestone, and worth celebrating.

Now is the time to print and gift a treasured photo on aluminium for display in your home. With a range of different surfaces, custom sizes and framing options available you can create a unique and beautiful print that will last a lifetime.

Metal prints can look either as natural as any photo when printed on a white-based surface, or look extra metallic when printed on a clear surface that allows the aluminium to show through. Your image on metal steals the attention of everyone who enters the room. 

family photo - 10 year wedding anniversary gift idea

You may choose to print one of your favourite photos from your wedding to give to your partner. A printed landscape photo of a special spot you’ve visited together may also bring back happy memories. And collages including of a collection of family photos taken over the past 10 years will always win hearts – and we can also help you with that.

Your wedding invitation, vows, name or words of your bridal dance, songs that you both love, special dates, places you’ve been to together or first lived, family events and old photos, may also be inspiration for your custom metal art print.

We can also emphasise certain elements of your photo through careful selection of our ultra gloss, semi gloss, matt, white base and brushed aluminium surfaces.

You can even create prints from photos that are on your phone right now!

It’s easy to upload and order prints online.

Contact us and we can help you create your vision and we can discuss your options. We can help you celebrate 10 years of marriage by giving a stunning and meaningful anniversary gift that will last forever.